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Who's Brutish? Wrestlers? Or Wrestling Fans?
I hear a lot of people talking about how barbaric or stupid or fake or whatever Professional Wrestling is. You often see them placing wrestlers in the major stupidity area of the world but where do they get this from?

Chances are people that make this judgement never really watched wrestling at all, they just hear about it from some of the major populace of fans. So here's where we stand, what's the answer? What's this about wrestling being absolutely fake? What about the stupidity of all these wrestlers? Well guess what? I'm here to answer you!

The truth is yes..some wrestlers are flat out stupid..but only some. Many of these wrestlers went to college, majored in some really useful skills that they showed interest in, but to them their profession was going to be wrestling reguardless. It's kinda like a person going to art class to paint but then going off to design toys. You enjoy both, you just can't really find something with a degree for one of them.

Wrestling is fake, to an extent, I will tell you that's for sure. To make it known to a lot of the people who claim things a certain way, just because they like one better..Mexican wrestling is just as fake as American wrestling. The results are fixed, they just are. What's not fake about wrestling is the work these people put into it. The muscles they have aren't inflatable, the flips, twists, turns, rolls, and all those moves they do are very real, they aren't computer simulated or anything. America's wrestling has it's style, Mexico's wrestling has it's style. About the only wrestling I can say is real would be Japanese Wrestling mostly..they actually beat the crap out of each other there, the fans want blood there. The same can be said for ECW's fans. This leads to the question, who's the brute? The people that enjoy the styles of the wrestlers such as Rey Mysterio? Or the people that enjoy the blood spilling out of these people because that's the only way it's "real"?

I'll leave that judgement to you, but please, before you make the judgement that wrestling is for brutes and it's fake..rethink where you stand on real violence, which includes martial arts tournaments, because they're just the same, they are no better just because they're disciplines that take years to learn. Fighting is fighting.


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