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The Passing of Eddie Guerrero - Continued
They've found out Eddie's cause of death. It was Massive Heart Failure caused by his past. He possibly used to take steroids, but that's uncertain. He did do illegal drugs in the past but he had sobered. However he possibly took many pain killers in his past and his heart didn't recover enough to be able to take the work outs and tests he put his body through to stay healthy, not was it able to handle the schedule the WWE had him on.

It's said that Eddie was just brushing his teeth and became very tired, fell over on the floor into a deep sleep untill his heart stopped. He more than likely felt no pain what-so-ever.

From what resources say he probably didn't take steroids. If he did, they were a long time ago and not much at all.

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Did they say how Chavo was taking it?


'tis t3h Britt.

Add me and I'll give you a cookie. :)

He's taking it hard, but he's managing. Sometimes he breaks down but that's understandable. Same as his family and stuff.

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