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On the world of Black and White
Ok here lately I've been watching a show Black. White. and well, it's inspired me to write on the topic of Black and White, races, the differences of, the segregation of, and everything in between. But before I start I will like to inform you that I in no way feel that anyone is less or more because of their skin, I feel that no one has to act any specific way just because of their skin, and I feel it's wrong to make a decision on any topic of anyone just because of their skin. Racism disgusts me greatly, and this is why I want to write this.

To start off on the most common things is on the topics of slavery and the prejudices of the past, that blacks should not be able to get the benefits as whites, and that they should not be able to go to the same schools, bathrooms, resteraunts, etc. SCREW IT. Forget it, I'm not discussing the past. It was rough times, but it is not today. Forget about the things that happened back then when you read this, and think about today and ONLY today. It is past TIME to FORGIVE the past crimes committed, especially since the past criminals are long dead. Do not truely forget for fear of the past being repeated in some form, not necessarily white to black, maybe black to white, or even black to mexican or white to hindu. But do not hold such actions against the people of today because the people of today were not people of the yester. We are all individuals of today, and it is not our fault of what our families committed back then.

Now comes the truth. To some families their children need to act black, to others their children need to act white, the middle some need to act both, the problem is how does one act black or white? How does one act a color of skin? The answer would be one doesn't. There are cultures and upbringings of areas but none of it lies in genes or skin color. A person is an individual and we all deserve that individual respect. I realize there are a lot of people in a majority that act a certain way, and yes they have that certain skin color, but you will find others that act opposite ways than that. Does that mean they aren't true to their skin color? No it doesn't, because skin color is just that, skin color. We are all humans here and the only differences we allow to be there are from our upbringings. Please understand that just because you're white does not mean you have to listen to country music, please understand that just because you're black does not mean you have to listen to jazz or rap, please understand that just because you're white it doesn't mean you can't be a rapper, please understand that just because you're black it does not mean you can't join in the line dancing. There are no topics that a single person can't touch, unless they stop themselves from touching it. Don't hold yourself back because of your skin color and don't try to hold others back because of theirs, make your way through because you are human, we are all human, we are the same, even though we don't look it. The power we have to make ourselves unique is used a lot, but unfortunately it's used in negative ways. We are not unique because of the way we look, we are not unique because of our skin color, our eye color, our hair color. These things are easilly changed, hair you just use dye, eyes use a contact, skin you can use body spray, or even look at Micheal Jackson and his sister. It is not impossible to change these things, therefore they should not hold limitations on us. The truth is we are unique because of our spirits, our souls, our ambitions, our hearts. We are the same, there is no acting black or acting white, there is only acting as yourself, and you are not your skin, your skin is only a part of you.

As for those of racist nature, or those who feel they have been prejudiced against, or maybe even those accused of being racist but feel they are not. Watch yourself on this. There is one thing that you should catch yourself on in this area. If you at all find yourself say that a racial group, white, black, mexican, or any of it, act a certain way, rethink this. Remember, we are all individuals and a race is not limitted to a certain action in a certain situation. The truth is no race acts a certain way, as stated before, and before you go off and say this is crap think of this. You've only experienced a race in your area, correct? Have you thought maybe it's the neighborhood that was raised that way? Not the race? The truth is, yes it's the family and the neighborhood that usually brings out the actions, interests, and personalities in a person. It is not their skin color, trust me on this it is not their skin color.

I have seen many, I have watched the struggles, the want to understand. It is not easy to just accept the things I say and I know, this is where it is up for those of us who do understand what I say to nurture and accept the way some people feel, as long as no one is harmed. For through this acceptance there is actually hope, the hope that those who prejudice against innocents will see your acceptance and warmth and come to it. Through our acceptance and care they can change. A kind nature can help calm the most hateful of creatures, why can't it help for racism?

For those who still aren't convinced, as you've had your experiences, please take these things into consideration. Have you ever experienced a white man who turned his nose up to you, turned his back on you, and didn't give you the light of day? Do you think it's because white people are just snotty like that? How about that it's just him and those he associates with, maybe the neighborhood you live in, are just snotty like that? Or for the other corner, have you ever seen a black boy who treated you like garbage, made you feel like you shouldn't be where you live because it's the "ghetto", maybe he even shot out insults about your mama? Do you think all black people are just like this? Or maybe it's just because of the neighborhood you live in?

I have met people who do not act like this, and they would understand what I say. It's because of these people that I lost my racist ways. I was once someone who looked poorly upon black people and I feel ashamed for it, but today I know the right path. The right path is to understand each soul, each body, is his or her own person. We each make our own choices, we are ourselves. We are us, we are the same, but we are different in our heart. Our bodies will be gone, in which our skin will no longer exist, and what is left? What's left is our soul. For those who don't believe in souls, I appologize, I do and have no idea how else to explain this, but our personality is what is remembered most, not our skin.

This is how things are, this is the one truth. We are not our skin, our skin is just a part of us.

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When ever some1 tries to tell how they feel on the subject of race and wants to disregard slavery, they do not know what they are speaking on. Whenever you think the subject of slavery is a blame game you simply don't get it and are dismissed. you may take offense to that but hey. to simply put it, you don't get it and you will not it seems, it's good you don't judge by the color of someones skin , or so you say, but race problems don't end there. Educate yourself on the issue just a little and you will see a difference. it can be done.

Absolutely out of all logic you don't realize that racism isn't just on the ones that were slaves. You didn't read anything and are probably an absolute racist yourself. I know I'm right because I held no one in slavery, I'm not to blame for it and if you disagree you're an idiot. You may take offense to that but that's just too bad. While I think slavery was wrong, I'm not appologizing to anyone for what I didn't do.

What is it that you mean by "you don't get it" and why do you have to hide by posting your opinion anonymously? I could get into all the host of problems with your opinion, but until you explain what you mean by "you don't get it", I won't even bother.

Prejudices of the Past

As much as I admire how inspired you are to have come out such a heartfelt written work, and I have to say that I'm very impressed, there is only one thing here that I cannot agree with - the instant dismissal of the after-effects of slavery.
I understand completely why the Anglo Americans of today do not feel the need to apologise for what their families did however many generations ago it was. But to insinuate that everything today is equal and fair, to say that African American people should just forget about everything that happened, because it doesn't affect them today is really being a tad bit ignorant.
The stereotypes that justified the segregation of Black people after the slavery period have not disappeared; although they have changed and developed with new mediums in technoloogy and changing attitudes, they continue to circulate through the media, reinforcing negative images.
A perfect example of this is a news report in Dallas, Texas on AIDS. While the report verbally mentioned nothing of African American people, all the footage they aired was of black people, save for the reporter and a physician. Even watching the news today, a story was aired about the "troubled youth of today", and once again, all the images were of young African American teens, with images of various nasty-looking weapons carefully sequenced into the report.
Statistics show that a vast majority of African American citizens STILL don't earn what white Americans do. Even though there has been a reasonable increase in the past decade, it is still not equal and if those numbers keep going the way they are there will not be complete equality for quite some time.
While much has changed over the past 40 years, and while the young people of today are all the more accepting of those living within our multicultural society, you cannot deny that the bias and slander still exists as a consequence of the original degrading stereotype - because it sells.
Even young children today subconsciously recognise the racial bias in favour of Caucasian people - [Check out the mini-documentary "A girl like me"]
Fair enough, you don't feel the need to say sorry for what happened in the past, but don't try and dismiss the reasons behind it all.

Man, I feel kinda lame posting comments on something you wrote well over a year ago, lol~

And wtf was up with that other "you don't get it" guy.. -sigh- Strange strange people.

Re: Prejudices of the Past

I respect your maturity to this greatly, and honestly my opinions have changed since then, as you said it was over a year ago. :) But that's ok, you have a very intelligent outlook and I outstandingly respect it. Something I have learned, however, is some of the new forms of segregation are done by a few minorities themselves. They want this for only them, that for only them, no one else can get involved. Not all of them are like this, of course, it's wrong to clamor everyone in a group with that mentality, but unfortunately the "you just don't get it" guy is the only type I've seen around my home town. I live in a small town so unfortunately my experiences have been limited. Namely, the day or close to the day I wrote this I got blamed for someone's family being enslaved, when if I were back in those days, as I'm sure anyone related to my grandfather on my dad's side would, I would have struggled against slavery. I would have put all my might against it, but here, just because of the color of my skin, and possibly the fact I'm socially awkward in every case of the word, I was accused of being "one of them". I had always hated racism, but that day I had finally known what it was like to be hated just for being another color. So I went off, lol.

But anyway, again, thank you for your comment, honestly. While opinions have changed, it's still good that someone competent actually replied with a good argument. :)

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