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The stuff
Well guys I've been busy but not too busy. I've been taking a break but that doesn't remove the stress. Nor does calming down, life still moves whether you stop or not. Bills are cutting close cause I got a little clumsy but that's ok, I'm not down and out yet. I dropped Final Fantasy XI which I know none of you knew I played, and I've only got six more payments on my laptop. Then it's mine.

The move is over of course and I've got some sorting to do still, it always takes me a while to get settled in. I've still got the same crappy job but it's giving me money to pay bills so I best not complain. I've grown up a lot I think, which is cool, still got a lot of growing to do though. I've pin pointed a lot of insecurities in life that I have, and I'm trying to fight them. Some of kicked my ass lately but some of you have had that worse than me so I'm not complaining there either. I'm fine all in all because I know I can stand on my own two feet. And I have the blessing of having Jase by my side when I need him.

I've delved more into my own theories of Christianity, and I feel I'm right, however I will not push it on anyone like usual(meaning I never have pushed religion on anyone). I will however share my opinions if opinions are shared to me, so if you don't like that you're obviously a hypocrit and not worth my time. Yes as you can see my back bone's grown as well. I care little for what people think about me anymore and nor should I care. I also don't put up with this "I did something naughty, I'm so stupid" emo crap either. I'm not saying you shouldn't feel guilt but you have to pick yourself up and move on, there's no room for weakness in life today if you always need someone patting your shoulder for you, gotta pick yourself up sometimes you know? Don't get me wrong, I'm there for people, but once I help you to help yourself you're gonna have to do just yourself. This is a practice to protect myself from getting totally used, which will not happen again mind you. This includes those of you in relationships where one person is totaly controlling and won't let you watch certain tv shows or play certain games because they don't like them or they're just too grown up for it. My first advice there is take a stand, if they keep pressuring, tell them if they don't stop and make comprimise instead of control then it's over, after that..if they continue..tell them it's over. If you want to complain about that behind the person's back more after not doing anything then you obviously can't be helped and shouldn't try to get people to sympathize for you. Guys learn to take care of yourselves and not rely on others to do it for you.

Well there's more than can be said won't be. I've got other things to do right now, like finish this serious conversation I'm having with Jase right now.

Take Kare,

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And welcome back, pal! =) So, since you're getting settled now, when do you think we'll be able to talk online again? ;P

Heh, and I agree with you. We fellows must be strong and pick up for ourselves. If we just stand around and mope, waiting for a change for or some (and in an emo's case, lots) of people to cheer you up, then nothing will change.

Get X-Fire and we'll be able to talk all the time. Even when I'm on games. Just google it.

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